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Customer Engagement Partners

CHP Engagement Partners (utilities, federal agencies, states, and municipalities) commit to promote Packaged CHP Systems (via the eCatalog) to their customers, constituents, or members and to validate the performance and the benefits of packaged CHP. Customer Engagement Programs can range from education and outreach on the benefits and applicability of CHP, to technical assistance in evaluating and implementing CHP, to incentives or other financial support depending on the objectives and resources of individual Customer Engagement Partners.

4 Recognized State-Level Customer Engagement Partners

10 Recognized Utility-Level Customer Engagement Partners

Customer Engagement Partners


Enrollment Requirements

Customer Engagement Partners with market engagement programs that support Packaged CHP deployment are invited to enroll in the eCatalog. Engagement Partner programs will be identified on the Packaged CHP Systems equipment cards by the following symbol:

Detailed Packaged CHP System equipment data sheets will show registered Customer Engagement Partner program descriptions, contact information, specific technical assistance if provided by the Engagement Partner, and program URL(s). when the eCatalog is searched by ZIP code.

Enroll Your Program in the eCatalog

Complete our brief enrollment form with information about your organization, your primary CHP program contact or program implementer, a description of your CHP program, applicable territory, and logo (if available).