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Packaged CHP System Benefits

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CHP Benefits

Packaged CHP can provide a number of benefits in addition to the benefits that traditional CHP can provide. One of the biggest advantages of packaged CHP is the reduced cost and effort required for installation. With lower installation, engineering costs and shorter project timelines, packaged systems can provide a higher return on investment for small sites. The economic advantage for smaller generators, enhanced resilience offered by distributed energy resources, coupled with a more efficient installation process, is leading to an expansion of the U.S. CHP market. Since packaged CHP systems are designed, assembled, and tested prior to installation, costs can be significantly reduced compared to design-build systems.

Standardized CHP packages can be easily installed in a variety of commercial and institutional applications with minimal on-site engineering required. Most manufacturers and developers of packaged systems also offer standardized maintenance contracts, which can help customers who may not have qualified staff on-site to operate and maintain the system. The standardization of packaged CHP systems coupled with complete service and maintenance agreements reduces both real and perceived risk for end-users and can lead to increased replicability of Packages CHP systems in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors.

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